Per qualche dollaro in più – For a Few Dollars More (1965)

I like the character, Colonel, in the movie, more than the other young man who is handsome and often disrespectful (call people old man/hey, shorty).

1.Colonel is cool in black (better than Clint wearing traditional style of the long cape), black hat, black clothes, black pants, black boots, and polished his guns (pistol/shotgun/rifle) and store them one by one according to their categories. Unlike Clint who always uses a pistol, Colonel was quite a veteran. He is very masculine, looking great when smoking pipe than a cigar. Overall Colonel is a real man who lives a life, works fast, is capable of writing and fighting, is smart and charming, and is respectful of women. He’s also a much better shooter than Clint who is excellent in opening locks (why didn’t I think Colonel could open a safe more easily than a locked small wooden box).

2.The old movie in 1966 is much better than so-called movies today! It can be seen in the opening scene of the movie that the man is riding a horse in the wilderness, whistling and humming a tune, and suddenly the man fell to the ground with a gunshot. Then the lead characters appeared followed the gunshot, which is amazing!. The background music is also impressive and sticks in my mind. The key is that each character is portrayed so well that you can pick out the features with a few strokes. For example, the street kid (greedy), the restaurant owner (short and jealous), the boss’s wife (flirtatious), Indio (vicious and cunning), and the old man with the telegraph, the Chinese shopkeeper, the sheriff who was downgrading, the bank president who was a coward for money… All of them have dialogues or scenes that made these minor characters shine. Not to mention the lead character that they had plenty of slow motion and close-ups of his eyes. Every move, even a backstory, was slow motion!

3.Sergio Leone did a great job with his heart and soul! They say this movie is a Spaghetti Western. But I think Spaghetti is cheap and delicious. Sergio looked at American history/Western films as outsider and added his Italian background and aesthetic knowledge. As a result, he can observe the aesthetic essence of westerns in a more detailed way than Americans can, namely, good versus evil or a fair fight between men. And besides, we’ve all seen enough of the all-powerful cowboy heroes of the Westerns. When you look at Lee Van Cleef who outshines the protagonist. This kind of movie that has two hero is truly awesome! 4. After watching this movie, I want to watch the first and the third, plus play the game-RDR2. This game is exactly what you’d expect from this movie series- the tavern, poker game, inns, fast gun duel…. . hmm, I should play RDR2 again.

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